Product Descriptions

>> Micro-Navigator

A one-profile customer configurable Web solution for start-ups, consultants, and non-profits.  Micro-Navigator is targeted to companies and knowledge workers requiring very specialized information.  Offering the same one-page, interactive and configurable news digest as Navigator, Micro-Navigator is a quantum leap above public search engines.  The search for relevant information is reduced from hours to minutes.  Power Tools enable your profile to be enhanced over time.

>> Navigator Express for Life Sciences & Navigator Express for Medical Specialties

An off the shelf solution that allows professional organizations and enterprises to harvest relevant, real time news and information from the array of specialty niches found on the Internet.   This solution has multiple, pre-configured Profiles focused on the subspecialties of an industry.   

>> Navigator

A customer configurable Web solution for professional organizations or enterprises, offering multiple user-defined Profiles, that harvests just what you want from the Internet.  KnowledgeWatch proprietary technology allows you to define very detailed, customized Profiles containing only those topics and content sources most important to you and your organization. As your subject domain changes, your profiles can be enhanced with the use of Power Tools.

>> Enterprise

A licensed, custom developed product for information providers with their own existing markets to serve.  Designed for organizations that wish to offer the power of the KnowledgeWatch software to complement their own software or SaaS (Software as a Service), Enterprise allows their customers access to a strong content harvesting application. These products are developed and maintained by the customer directly and require custom integration services.


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