Saturday, August 10, 2013

Our Customers’ Own Big Data Mining Engine

Donald Hogan CEO, KnowledgeWatch

There’s lots of talk these days about Big Data.

KnowledgeWatch customers have a very big data mining engine that regularly scours specific parts of the Web to harvest very focused content containing information our customers want to know about.

Our mining engine is unlike the public search engines, as it cuts out the clutter to produce only relevant output that’s needed by each customer. How? Simply, we don’t gather and index the Web, we gather and index particular focused areas that are each meaningful to our customers. Thus we produce output for customers of their interested knowledge; updated regularly.

Customer administration of their big data enables regular refinement of user content desired. This capability allows customers to enhance, on an ongoing basis, resulting harvested content to make that content more and more relevant to their past interest and to changing interests. This is unique.

I’ll talk more about learning about and changing content interests next week!

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