KnowledgeWatch Expands Automated Knowledge Mining With Release 4.0
May 17, 2013, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

KnowledgeWatch, a pioneer in the field of automated knowledge acquisition, announces the release of KnowledgeWatch 4.0, an advanced knowledge processing customer platform. The new KnowledgeWatch R4 Web Service is based on several years of KnowledgeWatch operation in healthcare, bio science and automotive manufacturing customer information acquisition.

KnowledgeWatch enables organizations and knowledge professionals with an improved ability to power their innovation processes – our core mission.

KnowledgeWatch Release R4 provides for multiple subject content acquisition allowing customers to concentrate on several areas whithin their field of interest. Timesaving features of previous versions are improved in R4 enabling users to better manage information overload and powering their ability to have their chosen content harvested and accessible by knowledge workers.

Highlighting the new release is an industry-unique, new Knowledge Discovery capability providing corporations and knowledge workers the ability to “learn” new keywords newly appearing in published content. Knowledge Discovery addresses the challenging problem of knowledge workers having to experience a lag of time in knowing about new concepts and entities occurring in their particular field. Knowledge Discovery provides the benefit of pushing new information in the direction of knowledge workers so they can easily follow new concepts they care about.

“The new Knowledge Portal 4.0 works with an expanded ability to support knowledge acquisition with a flexible harvesting system for customers in professional organizations and enterprises,” said Donald Hogan, KnowledgeWatch Founder and CEO. “Our software development investment in recent months has taken our product beyond the original function of mining news to harvesting essential information for our customers. By significantly reducing the cost of finding specific key subject matter, KnowledgeWatch gives content managers and knowledge workers increasing capability to cope with rapid changes in their subject domains.”.

About: Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, KnowledgeWatch supports healthcare, bio science, and automotive manufacturing organizations. The company is now expanding offerings to additional industries. (Learn more at: )