Sunday, May 12, 2013

Associations as Knowledge Managers
– article by Michigan Society of Association Executives

Donald Hogan, CEO KnowledgeWatch

I recently became aware of a neat, fascinating article published by the Michigan Society of Association Executives in their quarterly publication to their membersip of association executives.

The article focuses on a subject that is very close to our work at KnowledgeWatch. Moreover, the article, speaks about the core reason KnowledgeWatch was originally founded. So, you could say it “struck a chord” with our company.

We formed KnowledgeWatch, and then over several years, created and evolved the KnowledgeWatch Customer Solutions Platform to make it possible for companies, knowledge workers and professional organizations to economically acquire information, and thus knowledge, that’s important to their business and their ability to continue innovation.

I want to share this article with you and focus your attention to read the whole article. (The article is republished with permission of MSAE – )

Below are a few significant messages from the MSAE article asserting the need for leadership by Professional Associations (The article is republished entirety on our News section.)

“Successful association leaders master three essential facets of capacity: Personal Awareness, Association Knowledge, and Industry Understanding.”

“America has entered a period of radical changes that dwarf those of the past 80 years in scale and impact. The emergence of a global economy, as well as profound demographic, cultural, and political shifts requires association leaders to master more skills, possess more expertise, and conduct themselves differently than was true just a few years ago. “Business as usual” is unsustainable for association survival and is guaranteed to render a chief staff executive obsolete and ineffective”.

“Associations are perfectly aligned to be the knowledge management centers for each profession or industry they represent.”

Reprinted with permission by MSAE – Copyright USA. All rights reserved.

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